Unique OGC Membership Benefits Include:

– Limited to 175 regular members
– Private cart ownership
– USGA and WSGA membership


Get on the Waiting List Now!

Oconomowoc  Golf Club offers a range of membership opportunities to suit your individual needs.  Basic membership program information follows.

Membership requires sponsorship/endorsement by two current OGC members and approval by the Board of Directors.  We are currently accepting wait list applications for regular and intermediate golf members.

Please contact our Business Operations Manager, Dan Eimon at 262-567-2302 for additional information and answers to your questions.


Regular Golf Membership

Regular/Intermediate golf membership is limited to 175 members which means course availability for our members is one of our greatest benefits.  Private cart ownership is available.
This category is tailored for individuals as well as families and is for members 40 years of age and older, their spouses and children under the age of 25 who are full time students. Children are regarded as Juniors in terms of course play and event participation. Provides full voting privileges. Inquire about initiation fee and stock purchase.



Intermediate Golf Membership

Enjoys the same benefits of Regular Golf membership but is designed for members 39 and under and widows of members.  Inquire about initiation fee and stock purchase.



Senior Golf Membership

Available to regular members who have been OGC members for a minimum of 20 years—and whose age and years when combined equal at least 80 years. Limited to 20 members. And no restricted times.  The waiting list is determined by point seniority.  Any demit years will be deducted from the total years of membership.