Course Rules

One of the prime advantages enjoyed by Oconomowoc Golf Club Members is our relatively small membership that allows for comparatively unrestricted tee times for all.  Members are urged to exercise GOOD JUDGEMENT, along with TACT and DIPLOMACY in exercising this privilege.


Playing Rules and Reminders

Care and respect for our course are mandatory for all members and their guests.  Please observe the following regulations:

Violations of these rules constitute grounds for expulsion from the club, either temporarily or permanently

Golf Car Rules and Fees

9 holes ~ $12.00 per player
18 holes ~ $24.00 per player
Rider fee ~$12.00 per player


Rules & Regulations for Operation of Golf Cars

The Golf Course Superintendent will make the appropriate decision forbidding the use of motorized cars on days when conditions of the course make play with motorized cars undesirable.

Proper handling of a golf car is essential for course maintenance, pace of play, and personal safety. Operators and passengers of golf cars should abide by the following:

Please note: Upon violation of any of the golf car rules, the
Board of Directors is authorized to suspend golf car use until
such violation is corrected to their satisfaction.

Private Golf Car Owners

Any members wishing to purchase a storage position for their own private golf car will need to contact the Administrative Manager.  There are limited spaces available and certain positions are designed as gas or electric.  It is important to understand that it is the private owners’ responsibility to make their own arrangements for repairs and maintenance.  Private golf car owners should ensure that their homeowner’s insurance policy properly covers their golf car while on club property.

Private car owners shall be responsible for any damage to the golf course caused by their car, whether resulting from the use of the cart by owner or their guest.

Insurance and Liability for Personal Property

We recommend to all members who possess articles of significant value left on club premise, to consider insuring these items with their homeowner’s insurance policies.  Please be aware that the Oconomowoc Golf Club is not responsible and cannot be held liable for members’ personal property on premises.  Personal property refers to golf clubs, bags, shoes, private golf cars and other personal articles.

Dress Code

OGC Dress Code Effective January 1, 2012

Recommended attire:


* Hats may be worn in the bar and patio areas of the club. Hats are not permitted in the dining rooms. * Golf shoes must be spikeless or soft-spiked. Shoes or sandals must be worn outside the locker rooms at all times.


Unacceptable attire:

We ask that all members and guests wear suitable business, casual, sports, or golf attire within the clubhouse. Please make sure your guests are aware of our dress code.

Policies Within the Clubhouse

  1. The clubhouse manager is required to keep order and to notify members and guests of any infractions of the rules.
  2. No notice shall be posted upon the Bulletin Boards unless cleared by the clubhouse manager.
  3. The Clubhouse will be closed at approximately 10:00 p.m. However, during inclement weather if no players are present for play (with the exception of Thursdays) it may be closed as early as 6:00 p.m. The dining room and food service will close at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Special openings for group dining on Tuesday and Saturday evenings may be arranged by contacting the Clubhouse Manager.
  4. All complaints to the Board of Directors will gladly be reviewed and discussed by the proper authority providing they are submitted in writing with a signature. Of course compliments are always welcomed! Constructive criticism is appreciated and encouraged provided a sensible solution is available.
  5. Children shall not be allowed to play, run or loiter in the locker rooms, restrooms, Golf Shop or the bar room.
  6. Pets are not permitted in any part of the clubhouse or on the grounds.
  7. Cell Phones are banned in the bar, dining room, grill room and on the golf course.
  8. NO SMOKING allowed in the any part of the clubhouse facility. The patio is available.